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Our Focus

Quality placements. Established experts.

You’ve heard the saying…Location, Location, Location – right? In our business we like to say…Focus, Focus, Focus. At Vision Search we serve a niche market by specializing in positions and industries that involve Records Management, Information Governance, and Digital Asset Management.

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  • Information Governance (IG)
  • Records and Information Management (RIM)
  • Information Privacy and Data Protection
  • Information Cyber Security
  • eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness
  • Digital Forensics and Breach Response
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
  • Big Data / Data Analytics
  • Knowledge and Digital Asset Management
  • Compliance and Risk Management

We serve companies and organizations in a wide range of industries that have two common threads;

They have a growing demand for accessing, storing, and managing physical and electronic information, structured and unstructured data, documents, records, files, artifacts, and related assets.

They’re driven by external regulation and law, along with internal policy around privacy, security, compliance, risk and ethics.

  • Architecture, Construction and Engineering
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Communications
  • Consulting
  • Energy – Oil, Gas, Utilities, Renewables
  • Entertainment
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Insurance
  • Law and Legal Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

We place mid-through-executive level professionals (temporary, temp-to-perm, contractors and permanent placement) with clients that range from private, regional companies to global public corporations. Our services are customized to meet each unique situation.

We cover a range of position types such as; Professional Level Individual Contributors, Managers, Directors, Attorneys/General Counsel, VP and C-Level Leaders, Technical Staff, Consultants, Administrators, Subject Matter Experts, and alike.

Here are a few examples of position titles we specialize in. There are infinite variations so if you don’t see an exact match don’t worry—we probably have you covered.

Information Governance (IG)
  • Director of Data Integrity and Information Governance
  • Solution Consultant, Information Governance
  • Information Governance and Security Awareness Manager
Information Security
  • Information Security Architect
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Chief Security Officer
Information Privacy
  • Manager, Information Analytics and Privacy
  • Sr. Corporate Counsel, Privacy
  • Associate General Counsel, Privacy and Data Protection
Records and Information Management (RIM)
  • Clerks, Analysts, Specialists, Administrators, Supervisors, Managers, Directors, VP
  • Records and Information Lifecycle Manager
  • SharePoint Developer, Architecht, Analyst
  • eDiscovery Analyst
  • eDiscovery Manager
  • eDiscovery Attorney
Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Security Program Manager
  • Digital Forensics Analyst
Litigation Support
  • Manager of Litigation Support Services
Electronic Content Management (ECM)
  • Manager of ECM Services and Solutions
Document Management
  • Document Control Supervisor
  • Knowledge and Digital Asset Manager
  • Sr. Manager, Knowledge Asset Management
  • Manager, Information Compliance
  • Lead, Information Compliance and Security
  • Director of Corporate Risk Management
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Director of Information Risk Management

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