About Vision Search

Mission, Vision & Values

We believe strong businesses have a solid mission statement, a clear vision and core values that guide everything they do. The recruiting and staffing business is about helping people – plain and simple. That’s why we love it. We help clients find and hire talented people and we help professionals secure new career opportunities.

To be the Go-To Search Firm for clients and job seekers in the field of Records, Information Governance (IG), and Digital Asset Management. We will be recognized as a valuable partner that; is effective, is easy to work with, has the deepest network of talent and opportunities in the business, and uses best-in-class recruiting practices.

To serve as a transparent extension of our clients and candidates by providing specialized recruiting and staffing services in an effective, caring and timely manner. We will make the connections that lead to great things with the goal of making both feel as if our team is really their team.

We offer superior service delivered through our core values:

  • Accountability. Doing what we commit to.
  • Innovation. Always looking for a better way.
  • Integrity. Being honest.
  • Open Minded. Listening to differing views.
  • Passion. Showing that we care.
  • Respect. Treating others like we want to be treated.
  • Team Work. Working well with each other.
  • Trust. Building lasting relationships.

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